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MusicGoals Rhythm Frequently Asked Questions

Bug - Dictation Scores affected by Calibration 9-29-9

If the calibration delay is set high and tempo fast, correct dictation answers may be marked wrong. Solution is to turn calibration off or use lower setting and/or slower tempo.

First Time Beginners reading two part drills.

Watch the bracket on the left side of the screen. The bracket may include one or two systems. When two are included, you must play both parts at the same time. The top part is for the right hand and the bottom for the left. Use the left control key for the bottom part or notes below middle C on a MIDI keyboard. You may change the input keys if you desire. Use the Instrument Sounds dialog box to change the MIDI split point. Use Control Panel - MIDI and Sound and select Computer Keyboard to change keyboard input keys.

MusicGoals Rhythm 2.0 revisions update 4-3-8

If you have a problem be sure to let us know. We will be glad to help you and we are always looking for ways to improve our programs. - thank you!

External MIDI input

On 3-12-08 Diane Diehl reported a problem using a Yamaha PSR-E303 keyboard and the M-Audio MidiSport Midi cable on Windows XP. We tested the Yamaha YTP210 keyboard with the MidiSport Uno cable are were able to duplicate the problem. Some notes that were played on the keyboard got through to the computer, but not all. The Yamaha keyboard worked fine with an Edirol cable and the MidiSport worked fine with an M-Audio keyboard. Combining the Yamaha keyboard and the M-Audio cable did seem to work on Vista but this combination is useless on XP. A good place to find out more about keyboards, manuals, MIDI cables, and user comments is www.retrevo.com. This is a hardware problem.

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MIDI Syncronization

Some MIDI keyboards send continuous MIDI-syncronization messages in addition to note on and note off messages. These extra messages are not required by MusicGoals Rhythm. However, they must be processed and recorded when they are present. This requires processing time and memory buffer space. You may be able to improve performance with some MIDI keyboards and computers by turning off these extra MIDI-sync messages.

Symptoms: If MusicGoals Rhythms fails to record the last portion of a student’s response, the record buffer may be full. This may occur with long examples and slow tempos. There may also be some timing inaccuracies recording student performance on slower computers.

Remedy: Change clock settings on your external keyboard. Your midi keyboard manual may refer to setting “external or internal clock”. Setting keyboard utilities to external clock will turn off the extra timing messages. Refer to the manual that came with your MIDI keyboard.