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Piano Music Lessons

Using MusicGoals music theory software as a practice partner for piano music lessons will greatly speed up the learning process. MusicGoals Rhythm will improve timing and coordination much faster than using a metronome alone. It shows you exactly what you need to work on to improve. It provides a sequence of steps that insure solid rhythm reading skills. It is not enough to put all the notes into the right order with the correct duration. One must feel the pulse and the different stresses of the rhythm. MusicGoals includes two part drills at all levels. This kind of practice insures that one carries the pulse and the rhythmic shape. Piano keyboard lessons that drill rhythm away from note reading give students a chance to focus on rhythm and master rhythm reading quickly. For students who take piano music lessons as preparation for High School Band, MusicGoals Rhythm will give them stand out skills in the critical area of rhythmic performance that applies to any instrument.

Keyboard memorization is a critical part of piano training that is easily neglected by only playing music. Keyboard memorization leads to the ability to visualize the keyboard while sight-reading. Knowing the keyboard well means you do not look down at the keys and break the flow of sight-reading. MusicGoals Eye and Ear provides activities that develop a solid memorization of the keyboard layout of notes, intervals, scales, and chords. It provides piano keyboard lessons that train students to read both up and down on the staff, as well as, right and left. In other words, you learn to read not only the note placement on the staff but, the interval and direction of the following note. This shows you which way and how far to move on the keyboard. MusicGoals Eye and Ear provides a complex variety of activities that isolate different skills. Any one of these skills could be a weakness but with MusicGoals areas of weakness are revealed and quickly mastered. MusicGoals provides multiple learning activities to focus on the different skills. These multiple learning strategies build and overlap to develop more advanced skills.

Piano lesson software will not take the place of a skilled piano teacher or even online piano lessons at takelessons.com. However, MusicGoals music theory software will boost piano music lessons by finding a weakness and building a solid foundation of music theory, music fundamentals, and music performance skills. As your practice partner, it will give you ever more challenging activities and let you know what to work on. By combining ear training, music theory, sight-reading, and instrument study it builds musicianship skills one at a time. As each skill is mastered they combine to form outstanding musicianship. MusicGoals piano lesson software speeds up piano training because as a practice partner, it tests each skill and gives feedback and extra practice where needed.

Piano music lessons benefit greatly when piano lesson software is added to the practice routine. Practice with MusicGoals Rhythm can make musical performance sure and precise. Combined with MusicGoals Eye and Ear practice, sight-reading, ear training, and knowledge of instrument and music theory lead to proficient musicianship. Well rounded musicians play better and need less time to learn new music. Making music becomes more rewarding and enjoyable. Mastering the steps in MusicGoals Rhythm and the courses in MusicGoals Eye and Ear insure the mastery of each skill and speed up the results of piano music lessons.

Here is an example of a two part drill with an ostinato in the lower part:

Piano Music Lessons

The MusicGoals piano lesson software has 62 activities. In the example below you must read the note and then play a Perfect 5th above it.

Piano Lesson Software